Words Aren’t Enough

I’m a hopeless romantic. I consider this one of my biggest weaknesses as well as one of my strengths.

It’s a weakness because my desire for romance, and my infatuation with all the little cheesy gestures, sometimes overshadows bigger problems in relationships.

It’s a strength because I often find love and joy in places you’d least expect it.

Through my limited experience in the dating scene, I have discovered that words are not enough. Now, understand something here: I LOVE words. I’m the person who has pages and pages of inspirational quotes in my phone and sticky notes posted in random places throughout my apartment. Words are important, yes.

But words aren’t enough in relationships.

When someone promises you that they will stay with you no matter what, through thick and thin, and then they leave as soon as shit hits the fan, well their words didn’t really mean anything. Sometimes people have the intention of fulfilling these promises. But life changes and unexpected things happen and then those promises remain empty and become a far distant memory.

My friend’s boyfriend recently left her after five years. He just called her up one day and said he didn’t love her anymore and he didn’t want to spend the rest of his life with her. And just like that, her world fell apart.

He was gone like the wind, and she was left breathless and cold.

This story isn’t unique. This situation happens all the time unfortunately. We give our love to a human who says they will never leave and will love us in return. But sometimes they do leave.

I think we fall into this trap when we simply take whatever people say as fact. They say things, and they don’t back up their words with actions. A man or woman can say they love their partner all they want, but if their actions are saying differently, don’t believe their words.

Yet we do. Over and over again we believe they love us when they show us they don’t.


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