Dear Boy

Dear Boy,

Once again we meet my friend. Ah, I almost forgot what you were like. But once again I am met with your familiarity, the way you tug at my heart. The way you used to fill me up with colorful butterflies, but now an ache remains.

I wasn’t in love with you Boy. But I could see myself falling for you.

You couldn’t commit, even though you said I was everything you were looking for. I call bullshit.

Dear Boy, I will miss you. I will miss the way I could picture being yours. I will miss your strong arms wrapped around me, pulling me into you as we slept. I will miss the idea of you being my choice.

But I won’t miss the uncertainty of your honesty. I won’t miss your shadow as you walk away.  I won’t look behind me. I will turn and move on.

I won’t miss the Boy who couldn’t decide.


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